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Where Taiwan and Global Communities Meet

Starting a business in Taiwan?
Stay in Taiwan with the Entrepreneur Visa.

  • Exclusively for foreign entrepreneurs planning to setup or continue building a business in Taiwan
  • Grants residency in Taiwan for 1 year with multiple re-entry
  • Extendable for up to two years if criteria are met after the first year
  • Apply for up to three additional team member visas with one application
Check to See if You Qualify Learn More For optimal experience, please browse the Entrepreneur Visa application on your tablet or desktop computer
  • Applicant Background
  • Eligibility and Required Documents
  • Basic Information
  • Document Translation
  • Final Checklist
Applicant Background

Determine the requirements relevant to your application.

Your passport expiration date must be longer than 6 months at the time of the application
(Are you registered? Check your company on the government registry here)
In collaboration with

Stories from the Community

Join us as we establish a new digital face for Taiwan and its diverse communities.

  1. Current Phase

    Entrepreneur Visa Application

    Services for Foreigners

    Stories from our Community

  2. Phase 2

    Traditional Chinese Version

    Personal and Business Profiles

    Content Auto Publishing

    Translation Integration

    Entrepreneur Visa Renewal

  3. Phase 3

    Global Marketing Functionality

    Global Market Intelligence

    B2B Matchmaking

    Public Participation

  4. Phase 4

    Japanese Version

    Dependent Visa

    Work Permits

    Resident Visa

    Alien Resident Certificate (ARC)

  5. Phase 5

    Alien Permanent Resident Certificate (APRC)

    4-in-1 “Gold” Employment Card

    Human Resources

    Southeast Asian / European Language Versions

    Public and Private Investment

    Immigration Visa Program Matchmaking

*Development order is subject to change