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Frequently asked questions

Find the most frequently asked questions here, or contact us if you have additional questions

About the Services for Foreigners section

  • For this present version, the Services for Foreigners section of Crossroads is tailored for services related to the settling and integration of foreigners in Taiwan. These include services related to:

    1. Immigration consulting
    2. Relocation
    3. Business setup and/or development
    4. Educational organizations or resources
    5. Cultural villages or institutions
    6. Recreation or nightlife
    7. Counseling services

    If you are not considered “suitable” for the Services for Foreigners section, you are still more than welcome to introduce your business in our Stories From Our Community section. Please refer to our Stories From Our Community section in this FAQ for more details.

  • We have big plans for how we want to evolve Crossroads. See our homepage for a roadmap of what is happening soon, including new ways to promote and enhance your business. Join us by submitting your business today and take advantage of our free services.

  • Once we determine your services are suitable and legitimate, you will be listed as a service provider for free on Crossroads. Submit your service for consideration through our Contact Us page.

  • To be listed in the Stories From Our Community section on Crossroads, please send us an introduction about the service you or your organization provides through our Contact Us page. If it is determined to be suitable for Crossroads, you will be asked to provide the following information via email:

    1. Company/individual logo or an identifying picture
    2. Description of your service
    3. Language(s) spoken
    4. Contact information (phone, email address, website(s), social media links, etc)

    After confirmation that your service is legitimate, we will list you as a service provider and help you promote your business on Crossroads. To ensure a fair and trustworthy environment, the Crossroads team reserves the right to reject or remove any service provider from the site at any time.

About Crossroads

  • Since 2017, the Crossroads team has been urging various Taiwan government agencies to adopt clearer, user-friendly interfaces for the application systems of important programs, as well as greatly improve on their global outreach campaigns. By providing new, clearer application interfaces starting with the Entrepreneur Visa, we hope to show and ultimately persuade the Taiwan government to adopt a more modern approach for their website design and information systems. Furthermore, in the interest of promoting effective division of labor, we have been urging the government to establish better forms of public-private collaboration, especially by better integrating existing resources from the foreigner and overseas communities of Taiwan.

  • No. As a private initiative, Crossroads has broken down and simplified existing government policies into an interface that allows users to quickly check their qualifications and complete their application. Once users have submitted their application, they must await further instructions and approval from Ministry of Economic Affairs and other related government agencies. Please be sure to follow all of their instructions. For us to better understand the processes in which the government agencies evaluate each application, feel free to share your experience with us by sending an email to david@crossroads.tw. We will bring your experience to the attention of active legislators and policymakers to push for both short-term fixes and long-term reform.

  • At present, Crossroads is a completely private initiative by Wordcorp 一元三思有限公司. Although we have received the warm support and guidance of many legislators and officials, the government agencies in charge of the Entrepreneur Visa and other immigration and labor-related programs have been unable to give their official support at this time.

About the Stories From Our Community section

  • For our beta version: If you are already registered as a Service Provider on Crossroads, please simply attach and send your article and/or video to david@crossroads.tw along with any special instructions. We will review the content and determine its suitability for publishing. If the content is approved, we will place it in our queue for publishing. We will notify you over email once your content has been published. If you are not registered as a Service Provider on Crossroads, please refer to our “Contact Us” page. To ensure a fair and trustworthy environment, the Crossroads team reserves the right to reject or remove any content from the site at any time.

  • Please send an email to david@crossroads.tw detailing the content in question along with some proof that you are the legal owner of the content. We will review your request. Upon confirmation of the validity of your request, we will remove the content immediately, and send you an email notifying you of its removal.

  • They will not be published on the English version of Crossroads. However, Chinese articles will be published on the Chinese version of Crossroads. Crossroads will be subsequently unveiling other language versions, such as Japanese, Indonesian, Vietnamese, and more. For now, however, you may choose to translate your article to English or Chinese by uploading your document on the Wordcorp service platform. Once the translation is completed, we will send it to you for your approval for publishing. Once we have received your approval, we will place the article in our queue for publishing. You will receive an email notification once your content has been published on Crossroads.