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Enjoying the Convenience of IoT-powered Smart Parking

By Asia Silicon Valley Development Agency

Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Published on Crossroads on 2018/08/17 808 views

Enjoying the Convenience of IoT-powered Smart Parking

If you think parking is just about driving a car into a parking lot... well, think again!  With the development of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the concept of a smart city, Taiwan International Development Company and Parktron have jointly developed a "smart parking system" tailored for user needs. Aside from helping users find parking spaces, it integrates dining and entertainment options nearby to bring a sense of warmth to parking.

Taiwan International Development + Parktron create new parking experience

To improve on turnover rates, parking lot operations were generally focused on efficiency and management. However, to help users find parking spaces quickly, license plate identification systems were developed so that drivers would no longer have to stop to collect a ticket.  The team reexamined methods to make parking an easy and thoughtful experience.

"Parking is no longer just about getting a space. It is actually a field of customer service," remarked Chen Shih-chen, president of Taiwan International Development. As in the case of Banqiao Civic Plaza Parking Lot, the design takes environmental reconstruction as its concept with a focus on user experience and services. These include solar-powered street lights and entrances similar to those found at luxurious residences.  This allows the parking lot to embody a sense of design with brighter ambiance. 

Parktron President Ming-tsung Ni and Taiwan International Development President Chen Shih-chen.

3D Parking Space querying app facilitates parking 

The smart parking system of Banqiao Civic Plaza Parking Lot, in New Taipei City, features a 3D parking guidance system that not only allows users to check the availability of parking positions, but also provides guidance regarding forward routes, lines of movement, and access to surrounding commercial districts. In addition, through the "motorcycle position querying system," motorcyclists can use an EasyCard or a magnetic buckle to quickly locate a position, and use the automatic payment machine to check for a parking area, increasing the efficiency of search. This system has received a patent from the Ministry of Economic Affairs' Intellectual Property Office.

Furthermore, the application of big data and multimedia players allows users to initiate queries regarding surrounding commercial districts, or information on the train times of Taiwan Railways or High Speed Rail to suit their needs. This functionality has also been extended to a mobile phone app.  Whether users are inside or outside of the parking lot, they can save time by using the app to find available parking spaces. Additionally, the app provides links to public service facilities, and integrates information regarding stores in the surrounding business districts. Whether the user is going to city government offices to handle official business, to a department store for shopping, dining or seeking entertainment, or transferring to public transport, the app is able to provide instant guidance. Users may also enjoy priority parking or discounts in nearby stores.

Following the Banquio Civic Plaza Parking Lot, the smart parking system has been applied in New Taipei's Wulai Parking Structure, Xindian's Baochiao Parking Lot, Yonghe's Minchuan Parking Lot, Tainan's University Road Parking Lot, and Tainan's Anping Road outdoor parking lot. The smart parking service system has also  attracted such international teams as airport management companies to come and learn more about it. Currently, Taiwan International Development is also providing smart parking information consultancy services for department stores, medical institutions, schools and so on.

Bringing technology into parking design to extend service journey

Parktron President Ming-tsung Ni believes that from users, point of view, the advantage of the smart parking system lies in the integration of parking service design with technological value. The smart parking system optimizes user experiences and improves on the high personnel costs of parking lots in the past. The parking lot management system has been integrated into a centralized service management platform, allowing administrator to interface with consumers through the unmanned modules of parking management, infinitely extending consumers service journey.

With future integration of parking commercial systems, big data analysis could be used to obtain records of consumers' journeys, integrating parking lot and commercial districts into a big smart system of virtual business that provides hot and cold business district area analysis, merchant frequency of consumption, customer profiles, personalized and localized advertising, and so on. All of these can use artificial intelligence algorithms to carry out smart data analysis, in developing parking service experience and data value.

In comparison with other countries, the conversion to hi-tech equipment in parking lots and the quality of service management is relatively mature in Taiwan. In the future, this kind of service and technology can be exported to countries like Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, and even to Middle East countries, different modules can be introduced for different regions to provide complete service solutions to a variety of different customers.

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