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This Taiwan Based Startup is Solving Healthcare Challenges By Using AI & Cloud Technology

By Research Stash

Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Published on Crossroads on 2018/08/02 662 views

This Taiwan Based Startup is Solving Healthcare Challenges By Using AI & Cloud Technology

Modern healthcare is moving towards the direction of precision medicine in place of the traditional one-size-fits-all approach. Recent advancements in technology are accelerating this trend.

The latest technologies, such as cloud computing and AI, are enabling a more productive level of data sharing and faster decision-making for the early diagnosis and treatment of various life-threatening diseases.

Winnoz Technology is one startup that is leveraging cloud computing and AI to provide tailored bio-sensing innovations through customized research and development services.

Research Stash had a chance to talk with Winnoz team to learn more about their inspiration and future plan to leverage Artificial Intelligence in the field of bio-sensor development for modern healthcare.

Can you tell us about your team members and what inspired you to build Winnoz?

I am considered as a “made-in-Israel” Taiwanese entrepreneur. During my three-year-long postdoc work (2011-2014) at Tel Aviv University in Israel, I and my colleagues developed & commercialized cutting-edge devices for point-of-care testing (POCT). Based on my success, I have been supported by visionary investors to realize my innovations in POCT devices.

Dr. Joses Hsiung, Founder & CEO of Winnoz Technology

With a special love for Taiwan, I determined to create an Israeli innovation ecosystem for Taiwanese young talents. Thus, in the summer of 2014, I established an Israeli-style medical device startup in Taiwan, Winnoz Technology. Winnoz is an innovation team, which specializes in POCT. Winnoz leverages its scientific knowledge with global collaborators’ innovation power to foster POCT technologies.

Can you tell us about Winnoz application and how does it work? How is it different from other products?

We believe that keeping people healthy is a key for a better quality of life. Hence, disease risk assessment leads to an early treatment, an early treatment leads to a better cure rate, and a better cure rate leads to a better quality of life.

Winnoz Technology Inc has developed a scalable POCT platform for disease risk assessment. Winnoz’s onsite POCT platform is composed of two portable medical devices, Haiim(TM) and eGGi(TM), and an AI.

Haiim(TM) is a handheld automated blood micro-collection device that enables to obtain blood samples from a fingertip with a small prick in only 1 minute, without using conventional painful long-needles.

After collecting a blood sample, it will be introduced directly into eGGiTM for further genetic testing.

eGGiTM is the ONLY real-time disease-risk-assessing device able to analyze blood samples without pre-processing, such as DNA or RNA purification. Measurement data will be sent to Winnoz’s cloud for further data analytics. Finally, Winnoz’s AI will complete the disease-risk-assessing process by providing testers’ disease risk scores and consequently advises in one hour.

Comparing to existing screening products, Winnoz provides a more affordable, sustainable, & scalable on-site platform to enable anyone having disease-risk assessment scores, anywhere!

What are the greatest challenges you faced while pursuing the idea of Winnoz and how did you address them?

As an entrepreneur, I must determine to deal with challenges every day, but it is always not easy! The greatest challenge I face is how to speed up commercialization process with limited resources, especially our products would require regulatory compliance. Thus, “focusing on the one thing” is my way to tackle the challenges.

What’s Winnoz’s international presence now? What’s the goal? How does this relate to monetization strategies?

Winnoz is an international team based in Taipei, Taiwan. We also have a subsidiary in Tel-Aviv, Israel. This synergy aims to provide best POCT solutions to countries with large aging populations who potentially have higher risks of cardiac diseases and cancers.

How is Winnoz technology funded currently?

We have been backed by a visionary angel investor in 2014, and just finished pre-A round this year, now we’re looking for investors who share the same value and the same goal to foster our growth and accelerate our commercialization plan.

What are your achievements so far?

Since funded in Nov. 2014, Winnoz has blessedly realized an on-site disease-risk-assessing platform. Based on Winnoz’s achievements, Winnoz was the first & only startup awarded by Taiwan-Israel R&D Program since 2015, the initiation of the program, until 2017 (http://www.matimop.org.il/Taiwan_2017_CFPs.html). Moreover, Winnoz has been honored to display their unique disease-risk-assessing platform at CES 2018, the flagship startup destination where retailers, venture capitalists, manufacturers and others find budding entrepreneurs, fledgling startups, and homegrown innovation.

What do you look in new hires and any advice for student entrepreneurs?

My advice to student entrepreneurs is, “stay hungry and stay foolish”, which was Steve Jobs’ famous advice to young talents. Chances favor those who properly stay hungry & foolish!

Have any questions about Winnoz Technology? Don’t forget to type your questions in the comments section below. Do you want to feature your startup on Research Stash? Write us on hello@researchstash.com

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