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What is Singularity University?

By Justin Wu

Future Technology

Published on Crossroads on 2019/05/22 417 views

What is Singularity University?


Singularity University (SU for short), is a think tank located in the NASA Ames Research Park in Mountain View, California, USA. Founded by the visionary founder of XPRIZE, Peter Diamandis, and head of engineering at Google, Ray Kurzweil, SU sets out to find “exponential technologies” that are revolutionizing the world we see today. SU is a community of future thinkers, experienced business people, entrepreneurs wanting to change the world, and investors that are investing in industry-disrupting companies. I was fortunate to attend a 10-week intensive course titled GSP that teaches exponential technologies and humanity’s great challenges at SU.

Stay Exponential.

Exponential technologies are innovative technologies that are currently or in the process of changing the landscape we see today. Technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, 3D Printing, Biotechnology, and Sustainable Energy. In contrast to other groups which mostly talk about the development of these technologies, SU emphasizes on the impact when these technologies are applied to solve our biggest problems, and imagine the change in lifestyles and business opportunities they create. Some examples of the problems we are facing are climate change, wealth equality, human longevity, future of work with automation on the rise, and energy crisis. These are problems that are faced by tens of millions of people around the world. If exponential technologies can be applied to solve these problems, it’ll surely make all our lives a lot easier.


As a participant of SU’s courses, I was blown away by learning all the remarkable individual or companies that were applying exponential technologies to solve big problems. A drone delivery system that delivers drugs to rural areas with barely road access for patients in need, a 3D printer that works in microgravity to print parts on the International Space Station, cultivated leather that can replace real leather thus removing animal cruelty and environmental impact from leather production, and many more. These companies aren’t just solving the obvious problem today, but they are on the curve to revolutionize the whole industry in the decades to come. Just by learning about these groundbreaking ideas drastically opened up my horizon. It allowed me to look beyond the obvious solution lying in front, and imagine a more impactful solution for the years to come.

What's important?

The takeaway of SU is an unfathomable one. It can only be experienced in person. That’s why I’m determined to bring SU to Taiwan. I wish to inspire the numerous magnificent individuals or companies in Taiwan, or even Asia, to imagine beyond what’s ahead of them. With the mature technology industries in Taiwan and other countries in Asia, these people can achieve greatness by applying the technologies to solve the biggest problems that humanity is facing, in turn, positioning themselves as future leaders of the world.

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